Top-quality handmade saddles & tack for western riding


We have been engaged in the production of custom saddles and accessories for western riding e.g. work, recreational, and sports since 1995.

We only build our saddles on rawhide covered wood trees.

The cowhides we use to build our saddles are Hermann Oak Leather, imported from the USA.

We strictly follow traditional procedures, which have been developed for over 100 years, in the construction of each saddle. Quality has no compromise.

We pay attention to every detail and measure everything carefully to avoid any deviation or asymmetry and thus achieve a high level of comfort for both riders and horses.

Our meticulous attention to details and desire for perfection goes into every saddle that we produce. Our craft is our work of art.

All of our hand engraving and embossing is completed with tools and dies Made in the USA.


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